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About us

Youngistaan tattoos

Vishal Manhas opened Youngistaan Tattoos in the year of 2013. He was the youngest In INDIA to own a professional Tattoo Studio, and he came into the limelight as India’s youngest tattoo studio owner. Making a plan, you’re open to inking will guarantee it looks excellent for quite a long time to come and assist you with making the best tattoo for every extraordinary client.

At Youngistaan Tattoos Studio, we are a team of professional tattoo artists by passion and profession who give their best quality work. Youngistaan Tattoo is submitted and is strictly working for the development of Tattoo artistry in Chandigarh, India.

We see all the enormous urban communities of Indiagiven a gesture to the capability of this artistry. Giving quality data to any individual who needs it will doubtlessly help this artistry get merited Love and Regard. Our plan to give you a piece of handiwork you will be glad to wear.

We offer a perfect, amicable and proficient studio to guarantee that your tattoo experience is pretty much as agreeable as could be expected. 100% protection and solace are ensured during your arrangement. We have a friendly and welcome environment. We deal in Tattoos and Cover-Up’s, Custom Designs, Portraits, Tattoos, and many more creative and unique tattoo designs.

What Clients Say

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